Integrated Reservoir Model Planning

Most often we model for the sake of modelling  but to be more efficient and more effective in ensuring that the models built and forecasts generated add value and augment your decision making capabilities we need to ensure:

  • That we understand the link between the geological models and the corresponding dynamic models to be built.
  • The appropriate sensitivity analysis is conducted.
  • The correct data is gathered and data gaps identified.
  • That the appropriate analogue systems are identified for bench marking.
  • Appropriate assurances/ peer reviews are conducted at key milestones for validating and assuring the models prior to use for forecasting.

To improve your modelling capability and hence the efficiency we can provide facilitators to help coordinate the dynamic modelling effort for your organisation. By understanding your goal, we can facilitate, lead and be part of your team in assisting and coordinating, kick off meetings / case map definition / model framing events / sensitivity analysis to ensure the ultimate modelling outcomes directly compliments your decision-making process.

Not only does this ensure efficient use of your human and technical resources but now in a cost constrained world, will help in reducing  wasted time and hence the associated cost for completing models.

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