Production Forecasting

Neon-Blu Oil & Gas Consulting Production Forecasting

In many organisations outside the realm of building, validating and assuring dynamic models, forecasting should be looked at as a discipline in its own right.

To be efficient in the use/ application of forecasts, the forecasts generated need to be able to serve the intended objective in advancing a company's (your) decisions.
We provide a setting for ensuring prior to generating a set of forecasts, all relevant stakeholders are involved all relevant data is collected and data gaps are identified all assumptions are validated and  relevant case maps are  identified and outlined. Whether these are for probabilistic analysis (experimental design), deterministic cases or for a specific project analysis.

We offer the flexibility based on your preference to generate forecasts sitting with your team at your premises or from our technology centre based on your validated assumptions.

The  forecasts can be generated  based on:

  • Decline Curves with links and benchmarks to analogues
  • MBAL modelling
  • Dynamic Simulation models
  • Integrated production models
The generated P90, P50 and P10 or Low, Mid, High forecasts will integrate your resource / reserves volumes ensuring alliance to your corporate strategy and business plans whilst ensuring technical integration.
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